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WELCOME BACK. Our School year is off to a great start. Your student will enjoy the privilege of checking out books for reading pleasure and classroom assignments. Your student will also be learning many new important library skills this year. We are partners in your child's learning. Encouraging your child to read is important and fun for everyone.

Share the joy of reading with you child.

Dear Families,

One of the most enjoyable and important times of the school week in the library is when I read aloud to the students. Students of all ages enjoy listening to stories. All students benefit from extra reading experiences. Share the joy of reading with your child. Reading aloud benefits students in so many ways:

· It gives students an opportunity to use their imagination as they listen and visualize the story.

· Students are often inspired to read other books by the same author.

· Students are exposed to a wide range of literature.

· Students can enjoy hearing stories that might be too difficult for them to read independently. Students expand their understanding of new vocabulary words through listening to stories.

· Reading aloud to students can foster a life-long love for reading.

If there are younger children in your family, perhaps your school age child can read aloud to younger family members.

Perhaps you can establish a regular time at home to read aloud with your child. You and your child will benefit from reading together!

Monica Connelly, Librarian Media Specialist