St. Elizabeth of Hungary Prayer

O God, by whose gift St. Elizabeth of Hungary recognized and revered Christ in the poor, grant, through her intercession, that we may serve with unfailing charity the needy and those afflicted. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


Clinic Forms

Clinic Coordinator Information

Welcome to the Clinic and the 2021-2022 school year. My name is Delia Aillon, and I have a certificate in Medical Assisting. My official job title is Clinic Coordinator, but everyone calls me the "School Nurse". This is my 10th school year working at St. Elizabeth, but I had been a volunteer two years prior to my job opportunity. I truly enjoy working at St. Elizabeth. I do not like seeing our students ill or injured; however, I love how they pause to wave as they walk pass the clinic. My son, Mateo, graduated from St. Elizabeth and is attending Bishop Dunne. My husband, of 21 years, and his brothers also graduated from St. Elizabeth. And though I am a public school alum, my heart is now with St. Elizabeth. It is my second home!

You can reach me by email at or by calling the clinic at 214-331-5139, ext. 103. My hours in the clinic are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you call or email after hours, a reply will be returned within 24 hours or on Monday if it's after hours on Friday.

Clinic Coordinator Duties

As the "School Nurse", my obligations range from administrative records to administering medication to applying a bandaid. This year, I will be at the school full time. The following are the things I do either on a daily basis or throughout the year:

  • Check immunization records

  • Screen for vision, hearing and Acanthosis nigricans

  • Schedule for spinal screenings

  • Document and email daily student's visits

  • Document and file head injuries

  • Administer medications

  • Report COVID-19 cases

  • Use my knowledge of contact tracing, when needed

  • Talk to our students about personal hygiene

  • Report all immunization and screenings to the state

  • Attend any meetings that are required

  • Check AEDs on monthly basis

  • Order necessary clinic supplies

Texas weather!

As the weather begins to change, runny nose, coughing and sneezing begin to start. However, with our current pandemic of COVID-19, the typical allergy symptoms may sometimes sound more like symptoms for the coronavirus. Please read the chart above. It compares the symptoms of the three common health issues that have been appearing recently.

As a reminder, if your child is not feeling well, PLEASE have him/her stay at home. If you decide to take your child to the physician, please bring or email a copy of the doctor's note. If your child has a lab done (i.e. flu, strep, COVID, etc.), please send the result. All information is confidential; however, I must report all absences and the reason of the absences to the DCHHS (Dallas County Health and Human Services) and the CSO (Catholic Schools Office).


We appreciate your patience. Please do not drive around another car. Our students may be exiting on both sides and sometimes it is hard to see the little ones. And with pandemic in existence, protocols are still having to be followed.

  • Students must have clean masks on every day.

  • Students must be ready to exit the car as soon the car has come to a complete stop.

  • No vented masks or gaiters are allowed.

  • Please notify the front office, homeroom teacher and me (the school nurse) of any absences.

  • And of course, if you have any questions, please do not have any hesitation to ask. We are all here to help!

May God bless everyone with an amazing school year!