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K3 Specials Schedule

Monday: Computer

Thursday: Gym, Library

Friday: Music/Art

Saint Raphael School Birthday Treat Policy

Due to food allergies, the SRS Administration has adopted the policy that there are no edible treats allowed to be sent to school for any special occasions, including birthday celebrations. If you wish to send a birthday treat, feel free to send a pencil, sticker, or donate a storybook to our classroom library. However, it it not necessary to send anything. All of the children will be recognized on their birthdays on the morning announcements and with a sticker and birthday song in our classroom. Also, please remind your child that he or she is not to share any of his or her lunch or eat any part of another student's lunch. Keeping our students safe is our #1 priority! Thanks so much for your cooperation regarding this.

Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Class Activation Code (to order this month's scholastic books online yourself):Go to Scholastic Book Club.com

Enter Activation Code: HKZ2C