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TERM 1 - Number Knowledge

Math Starters

Come here each morning for math and complete a math starter in the back of your book!

Triangle 1 Math Starters
Triangle 1 Alfonsus, Meela, Sani, Vili, Solomon, Jonah, Vince

Week 4 -5

  • early finisher revision is place value on the slides.

  • Studyladder - All should have received logins in your emails from me.

  • NZ Curriculum Math (Red book) Stage 5 Early additive, number & algebra. Pg 66, Chapter 9, adding using partitioning

WEEK 1 - 2 Revision of our number knowledge strategies

Watch this short video to help refresh your memory on some mental addition and subtraction problems.

Read through the slide and complete the activities in your book.