Cybersmart T4

Learning how to leave quality blog comments is an important part of being a blogger. It teaches us how to interact with others online and enables us to continue growing a positive digital footprint.

We are learning how to write a quality blog comment for the Manaiakalani Film Festival

  1. Watch a movie and identify an element of the movie that was a stand out for you.

2. Make a copy of the Film Comments slide deck and move to your cybersmart folder

3. Follow the instructions on Slide 1 to create your quality comment

Power Words

4. Can you add any of the following to improve your comment?

  • Make a connection - Does their film remind you of something similar? e.g. another film you have seen, making your movie, a similar experience
  • Ask the question - Have they used a film technique or special effect you would like to know more about?
  • Helpful - Can you recommend a film or film technique the blogger might find helpful?