We are learning to follow the Kawa of Care and use our device confidently to learn, create and share.

  1. Use Google Draw to create a comic collage to demonstrate how you look after your Chromebook.
  2. Move to your Cybersmart folder
  3. Insert three or four photos from the Google Drive folder
  4. Insert callouts and text for each photo
Right Place Right Time
  1. Open Right Place Right Time
  2. File - Make a copy
  3. Add you name in the title
  4. Move to your Cybersmart Folder

Smart Learners Photos

Do not login to Typing Club.

Click the link and use the website.

Practise your typing to help use your keyboard quickly.

Digital Dig

New to Chromebooks?

Start Here - Take the Digital Dig ChallengeTo make the most of your Chromebook and Google Apps you need to follow the Kawa of Care and use your device confidently and in clever ways.

Excavate the Digital Dig to learn tips and strategies for using your device. Create a copy of the Digital Dig and move to your Cybersmart folder in your Google Drive before you start.

Open the Digital Dig and make a copy

Chromebook Tips -

Smart Relationships: We are learning how to interact online in a positive, thoughtful and helpful way.

Keeping My Chromebook Safe