Dress Code

DRESS CODE FOR KINDERGARTEN THROUGH EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS – Enforced by Principal. The social standards of today’s culture and increasingly lax dress codes create tensions that detract from our Christian values. We take pride in the appearance of our students. Their appearance reflects the quality of our school. It also creates an atmosphere that will help students feel free to learn without distractions from attire. All students are expected to be dressed neatly, be well groomed and give a general good appearance in regard to their attire. Please take into consideration that students must wear these clothes and shoes all day, including recess. We ask that parents and students use good judgment regarding comfort and safety. On all days, final approval of the attire rests with the Principal. Upon the recommendation of the School Advisory Council, St. Patrick Catholic School will follow a uniformed dress code.



GIRLS: Black, navy or khaki dress pants, shorts, plaid, navy or khaki skirt, skort, jumper

BOYS: Black, Navy or khaki dress pants, shorts

“Dress” means smooth cotton or poly/cotton blend. No corduroy, denim or skinny.

Shorts and Capri’s may be worn August-October and April through the end of the school year.


- Long- or short-sleeved polo shirts in solid hunter green, navy blue, white or red.

- Long- or short-sleeved button-down shirts in solid hunter green, navy blue, white or red.

- Boys, Tie may be worn with button-down shirt.

NOTE: Girls may wear a feminine version of the plaid tie (see Schoolbelles website)

- Solid color sweaters (black, tan, hunter green, navy blue, white or red).


2. SPIRIT DAYS: Saint Patrick Catholic School spirit shirts and sweatshirts (appropriate attire)

are encouraged on each Friday of the month. Green and white attire promotes school spirit.

3. COMMUNITY DAYS (“Favorite Team Friday”): Personal spirit shirts and appropriate attire

are encouraged on these designated days.


shoes, bookbags and back packs must display appropriate St. Patrick Catholic School

messages. Skulls, violent images, etc. will not be tolerated.

5. No clothing shall be low enough to reveal cleavage or bare chest, especially in 5th-8th grades.

6. Dress code shorts will be permitted August through October and April through the end of the

school year in May/June. These must be no higher than where students’ fingertips touch

when arms are relaxed at sides. Athletic shorts are only allowed during Physical Education classes and must be no higher than where students’ fingertips touch when arms are at sides. Athletic shorts must be plain colors.

7. Skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers are to have hems near the knee at all times (no higher than 3” from bend in knee standing and sitting) even if worn with tights/leggings.

8. Shoes:

NO flip-flop type sandals – casual or dress - are permitted. Sandals must be attached at both the toe and heel of the foot.

Playground Safety: Appropriate shoes such as tennis shoes must be worn at all times on the playground equipment.

If a parent/student has doubts if a particular shoe is appropriate, check with the Principal prior to wearing the shoes to school.

9. Jewelry:

a. Body piercing other than ears is not permitted.

b. Earrings are not to be worn by boys of this school during any school function. This includes athletics, class trips, etc.

c. For girls and boys, jewelry must be in good taste - no more than one neck chain, one bracelet and one ring on each hand should be worn.

10. Miscellaneous:

a. NO visible tattoos.

b. Make-up should be kept age appropriate and be appropriate to the school setting.

c. Hair must be kept clean and styled out of the eyes. NO distracting hairstyles or extreme hair colors (such as pink, green, purple, etc.) are permitted. NO facial hair.

11. Physical Education (PE) Class

Kindergarten-Fourth Grade: Tennis shoes, socks. No dresses or skirts worn on PE day.

Fifth-Eighth Grades: Tennis shoes, socks, PLAIN t-shirt, gym shorts or sweat pants. All students are required to bring these items in a bag on PE day. Classroom teachers will advise students when they can change into gym clothes for the day.

· Grades 5-8 students or any student who changes clothes for PE class must carry a pair of sweat pants in their bags from October 1st – April 1st, in case class is held outside during these months. Students may wear shorts during inside PE throughout the winter, but must change into sweat pants in the event the class goes outside, and at dismissal.

· T-shirts and shorts must follow the school policy. NO yoga pants, etc. are permitted.

· Students may wear St. Patrick Catholic School spirit shirts.

Judgment of the Principal regarding any dress code issue is FINAL. There will be no discussion or debate.


First Infraction: Conference with student.

Second Infraction: Check given to student. Email to parent.

Continuous Infractions: A notice will be sent home with a request for a meeting with the Principal.