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Colleen P. Smith Scholarship Application

My family sponsors this scholarship. Please print this form and return to the address listed by May 1. Do not give it to me. I am not involved in the choosing of the recipients. Thank you for your interest.

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About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Dorothy Smith

SCHOOL: St. Matthew School

CLASS: Music

SCHOOL PHONE: 215-333-3142

Bits and Pieces

Graduate of St. Athanasius Grade School
Graduate of Cardinal Dougherty H.S. 
Graduate of DeSales University
Member of St. Matthew from 1989 to 2001. Current parishioner of St. Cecilia Parish
Past teaching experiences:  St. Cecilia, and St. William

Mission For The Class

I hope to provide an understanding of the place of music in the lives of
people in history and people of different backgrounds. Our expression through
music is vital to the growth of a society as it is reflective of our
circumstances, hopes and dreams. Let us grow in appreciation of the many
genres and capabilities available to us through this medium.

In the choir spectrum, I hope to take voices and improve their quality of
expression through routine practice of singing for religious events as well as
holiday fun! Join us!