Mrs. O'Neill - Computer Lab 1

Welcome to Computer Lab 1

Students in Grades 5-8 have Technology Classes once a week in this computer lab. Our lab includes 34 PC computers with access to black and white, color and 3D printers. Students also use iPads in some classes. Technology Classes in grades 5-8 focus on Internet Safety, Google Apps for Education, Video Making, Computer Aided Design, Animation and an Introduction to Computer Coding. Assignments often overlap with regular classroom work.

Computer Lab Rules

Respect will be shown to teacher and other students at all times.

No eating or drinking in the lab.

Always sit in your assigned seat (unless otherwise directed).

Wait for directions BEFORE logging onto the computer.

Do not leave the room unless you are given permission.

Do not touch anyone else's computer.

Ask, if you need help or equipment is not working properly.

Students are responsible to make up any missed work.

Prayer of St. Isidore -

Patron Saint of Technology

St. Isidore's Prayer

All St. Matthew Students must sign an "Acceptable Use Policy" before they can use any computer equipment at school.

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