There's an App for That

Check out these iPad Apps for your child...

Apps for learning the alphabet:

Fish School by Duck Duck Moose

Touch and Write

Letter School

Dot to Dot numbers & letters

ABC Alphabet Phonics

Apps for Writing the Alphabet and Numbers:

Letter School

Handwriting Wizard

Apps for Rhyming

Dora ABC's Vol. 2: Rhyming words

Rhyming Words

Apps for learning sight words:

Sight Word Ninja

Sight Word Learning Games

Word Wagon by Duck Duck Moo

Hangman: Kids Learn Sight Words

Apps for counting and sorting:

Bugs and Buttons

Sam Phibian

Dot to Dot numbers & letters

White Board/Creativity Apps:

Doodle Buddy

Glow Draw!

Felt Board

Apps for sequencing numbers:

Connect the Dots - Learn numbers

Counting Caterpillar

General Math Skills:

Park Math by Duck Duck Goose

Monkey Math

App for Stretching Visual Memory:

Memory Train

Apps for Patterning:

Moofy Recognizing Pattern Games

Learning Patterns

Apps for Phonics:

Word Wizard

Howie Find Vowel

ABC Pocket Phonics: Letter Sounds, Writing, and first words