November over! December, whizzing in! Such a busy time of year for everyone! I'm trying to remind myself, each and everyday, to be present--present to the responsibilities in front of me, present to the growth and development of your children, present to the need to PAUSE, from time to time-- to LISTEN MORE, to LAUGH, to HEAR what your children are me. BEFORE the Frenzy Begins. Here on Advent's Doorstep, I'm seeking Peace, waiting--for a Joyful Advent, a Hopeful Advent, an Awakening to what is here already, as Time passes--so swiftly!

December Conference sign-ups coming soon through Sign-Up Genius. STUDENTS MANDATED TO ATTEND

Conference Dates/Times:

December 13 (3:00-7:00 pm) December 14 (7:30 - 11:30 am)

Keep at those TIMES TABLES - 6,7,8,9! Thanks!

4th Grade