Altar & Mass Coordination

The work of Members of these Ministries largely happens behind the scenes. The fruits of their talents and labour, however, are enjoyed by all who attend Mass and witness well organized celebrations enhanced by tasteful and beautiful decorative touches.

Mass Coordinators

“Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.” (Luke 22:8) The apostles to whom Christ gave those instructions became, in effect, the first Mass Coordinators.

Assists the priest by ensuring that everything required for Sunday and weekday Masses, as well as other liturgical celebrations, is in place and that all scheduled ministers are accounted for. Training is provided.


Altar Society

Prepares the altar and sanctuary for liturgical celebrations. Tasks include: Linen care, maintaining the holy water fonts, dusting, organizing the pews, cleaning vessels, etc.


Decorating & Environment

Create enhancement of the internal worship environment of our church which reflects the liturgical cycle.

Also decorate for special liturgies.