Formation is an integral part of being a Disciple of Jesus Christ. A disciple is one who learns, not once but continuously. Disciples of Jesus believe not only that He is the Son of the Father but is alive. They live their lives in a manner so that they can reflect the image of Jesus to the world. Each session of our various offerings are intended to take us one step closer to full discipleship and our ultimate goal.

Our Committee utilizes Alpha as an initial “evangelization” tool and augments this foundation with a series of Catholic Christian Outreach Faith Studies to help us grow a deeper relationship with Jesus. Other programs are available upon request.

The following are the offerings that the Committee will be providing at the Saint John XXIII site beginning in September. Watch here and the bulletin for more details.

1. We will be offering Alpha on Thursday evenings beginning at 6:30 and Friday afternoons at 1.

2. Once again we will offer the Bible Timeline on Tuesday afternoons.

3. We will provide leadership for CCO Discovery

4. In 2020 we plan to continue with the CCO Faith Studies.

5. Other opportunities for spiritual growth can be found on the webpage.

We are open to having new committee members join us.

Please feel free to send along any ideas of topics, programs or speakers.

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