Mrs. McRae's Classroom

Welcome SES Students and Families!

The mission of Saint Eugene School is to proclaim and practice the good news of Jesus, provide a rigorous academic curriculum and prepare students to face the evolving challenges of the future.

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Mrs. McRae's General Classroom Guidelines and Expectations:

1. Be here. You need to be in your assigned seat when the day or class period begins, ready and raring to go! Not only do you need to be here physically, you need to be here mentally-your mind should be consistently focused on the content and task at hand.

2. Be responsible. Bring everything you’ll need, such as paper and pencils, colored pencils and scissors, glue and work that’s due. All assignments and projects are collected at the beginning of class on the due date. Major projects, such as essays, will be accepted within 24 hours of the due date, with a significant loss of points. After that, no credit will be given. You are responsible for getting any missed notes or assignments that were given during an absence. Obviously, things that can be completed during your absence are expected on the day you return. If work was given that you didn’t have access to, you’ll be given an appropriate amount of time to complete the work. All missing quizzes or tests will be given on Friday afternoons, regardless of the weekday you were absent.

3. Be respectful. You are expected to be courteous and respectful to all students, teachers, and guests. There will be no swearing, name- calling, or snide comments. Also, use of technology at inappropriate times is rude and, per school policy, devices that are ill-used will be taken from you and returned to your parents. Remember, you control your technology; it shouldn’t control you.

4. Be awesome. Think for yourself. If you merely parrot back to me things I already said in class, you will not have a good year. If, however, you are willing to think deeply, take risks, and work like a madman, then you’ll love this class.

Mrs. McRae's General Homework Guidelines and Expectations:

1. Copy HW down daily. I require this for a couple reasons. First, it helps you build a good habit and it feels great when you can cross it off your list! Second, from time to time I may forget *oops* to update this page. If you write it down, you'll never have to guess what was assigned! Also, technology can be fickle; while it is a fabulous tool it should not be the only thing we rely on. And third, your future high school teachers may not post your homework at all! *Gasp* Being in the habit of writing things down will make you successful when you get to those teachers who don't.

2. No Excuses. There will be nightly homework-this is a non-negotiable. It is not designed to keep you busy, it is designed to reinforce concepts and/or prepare you for the next day. It is critical that you are consistent in completing any and all assignments. I have no time for excuses. High school has no time for excuses. It is best that you learn that now.

3. Printing. As a middle school student, you are asked to be a responsible student whether you are ready or not. This comes into play when an assignment needs to be printed. Printer paper and ink was listed on your school supply list for a reason-to be used. They are consumable products, which means when they are consumed or run out, they must be replaced in a timely manner. It is your job to let your parents and guardians know when those items are running low so they have the chance to get them for you before it is too late. I may attach a handout to Google Classroom that you'll need to print and fill out for the next day. I may ask you to finish typing an essay or project and ask you to print it by a certain due date. If your printer is broken or non-existent, we'll work something out. But, you cannot rely on the computer lab to print your work. In high school, they will not allow that at all.

4. Academic Honesty. Academy honesty and integrity is an important component of a good Catholic education. To better understand this, listed below is a description of academic dishonesty, as purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers seller Mark Aaron. The following definitions should help all to understand what academic dishonesty is:

• Plagiarism –representing the ideas or work of another person as the student’s own ideas or work, or not crediting another person’s work or ideas.

• Collusion – supporting dishonest behavior by another student, such as allowing your work to be copied or submitted to a teacher by another student.

• Copying – making a copy or copies of any type of media (written, audio, or visual) and then submitting it as your own without crediting the source.

• Duplication of work – presenting the same work for different assessments.

In short, don't do it. I am very good at noticing when something doesn't sound like you. When in doubt, I'll plug it into Google and see what pops up or I'll search through my stack of student work to find where I read it before. It is not a risk worth taking in my class.

Mrs. McRae's General Discipline Guidelines and Expectations:

1. Demerits. As per our Saint Eugene School Handbook, demerits are a tool for tracking behaviors that consistently interfere with student learning and moral development. Three demerits automatically result in an after school detention. It should be noted that demerits also impact the student's conduct grade on the report card. Demerits reset at the end of each trimester. Demerits include, but are not limited to: repeated lack of preparation for class, including written work and supplies, failure to return notes or forms on time, dress code violation, chewing gum at any time or eating/drinking at restricted times, continual talking in class, continual disruptive behavior in school, on bus, on school property, or on field trips, failure to be in assigned area at the designated time, mistreatment of school property, including textbooks, library books, furniture or facilities.

2. Detentions. As per the Saint Eugene School Handbook, detentions are held after dismissal until 3:30. Parents/Guardians are given notice at least 24 hours prior so that arrangements for pick up can be made. Students must be picked up promptly at 3:30. Detentions accumulate throughout the entire year. If the student merits three detentions, an in-school suspension will then be served. Detention will be automatically issued for, but not limited to, the following reasons: blatant, disrespect to faculty members, staff, volunteers, or guests, deliberate disobedience of authority, fighting, bullying/harassment, deliberate destruction of classroom furniture, materials, and school property, lying, stealing, cheating, forgery, plagiarism, disruptive behavior on the bus, in church, on field trips, use of cell phone on school property without specific permission, abusive, obscene language, gestures, or actions, possession of electronic devices when not permitted.

"Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children."-Walt Disney