Miss Jacobi's Art Class

About the Teacher

Hello! I am new here at St. Eugene School and excited to be the Art Teacher. This is my second year teaching, previously long term substitute teaching 2nd grade and subbing K-8.

I attended St. Charles Borromeo elementary school and Archbishop Prendergast High school.

I graduated from Tyler school Of Art & Design at Temple University, receiving my Bachelors in Visual Studies.

After subbing for a year I grew to love teaching and recently received my Art Education & teaching certification from Moore college of Art and Design.

I am a practicing artist, mainly working in acrylic paint. I love environmental studies, animals, gardening and running. I am looking forward to the rest of the school year here at St. Eugene!

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1st - 8th grade


Grades 4 & 5

Students learned about the artist Robert Indiana.

Robert created the LOVE sculpture that is featured in our own city of Philadelphia.

Did you know we bought the sculpture for $35,000 in 1976!


6, 7 & 8th Grade

Students learned about the history of Graffiti. Discussing legal vs. illegal forms of art, public art and about the Philadelphia Mural Arts program.

Did you know graffiti oriniated during the 1st century, BCE? Romans and Mayans inscribed messages and images on wall surfaces.

Graffiti was also very popular in the 1960's & 80's in New York, Chicago & Philadelphia

Cityscapes "The Block"

4th & 5th grade

Students learned about African American Artist Romare Bearden and how he was inspired to make art by his block in Harlem, New York.

Students also learned about the Harlem Rennissance and were inspired to make their own cityscapes using mixed media.

Keith Haring

4th & 5th grade are learning about the artist Keith Haring. Students are in the beginning process of making their bright & bold figures.

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3rd-8th grade

What is a Zine?

Zines are self-published, small print run books. They can be photocopied for distribution. Zines can tell a story, inform about an issue or just look cool!

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Did you know Michelangelo painted the Sisten Chapel on his back!.. many people beleive it was a myth and that the artist actually stood on scaffolding, painting over his head. Michelangelo was a sculpture, he had little experince painting when he said yes to this tough job.

Drones Eye View

8th Grade

Students discussed, perspective, drones eye view and a birds eye view.

Students viewed places in google earth. They are using satelite images from different areas and abstracting their landscapes.