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Lessons 4-8

Grade K-1-2-3 Learn Technology skills

Technology Team 2017 – 2018

Grade 8-

Jessica Silva Laura Jeffers

Emily Kraus Kayla Moak

Grade 7-

Jenna Garzone Amy Zarzatian

Kayla Kinniry Alexandria Grahn

Grade 6-

Scott Ray Aidan Barnes Brynn Malone

Kylie Llewllyn Kimberly Merchan Ivo Braganza

Grade 5 -

Sarah Boss Maxi Ellison

Nicholas Brady Aahan Jariwala

Gianna DiSipio Anthony Mergoitti

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Students in Computer Class need to help keep germs from our Technology Equipment. Classroom Policy is to keep your hands away from your head. This way when I help them with the mouse or the next student coming to that equipment the germs will not be on the Keyboard or mouse. At the end of the day all Keyboards and Mouse are cleaned with Clorox wipe. I have tissues in my room too.

Classroom Policy is they do not use the equipment and will participate in my class by answering questions and observing the lesson of what I am teaching by Looking and Listening to Learn. They are always a part of my classroom instruction. Due to the fact that the younger students continue to do this and I only have them once per week, I need to spend my time teaching and not stopping from teaching with this continuous matter. They will always learn and this goes away. This is for K - 8th grade.

Thank you for your help in letting your child know.