Mrs. Parker's 3rd Grade Class


Third grade marks an important time in your child's education as they transition from the primary grades to the intermediate grades. It is a crucial period in students’ learning as they become more independent and mature learners. In the primary grades your child learned to read. In the intermediate grades your child is reading to learn. In 3rd grade, students progress from practicing basic skills to mastering them and moving on to further developing more complex skills. Third graders become more advanced readers, writers, mathematicians, and thinkers, digging deeper into topics and beginning to analyze what they learn. Third grade is also the first year your child completes NY state testing in ELA and Math.

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Specials Schedule

Monday: Library 1st period, Computer 9th period

Tuesday: Music 5th period, Art 8th period

Wednesday: Language 2nd period, Art 8th period

Thursday: P.E 8th period

Friday: P.E. 4th period, Music 6th period


  • Third grade is a big transition year. One of the big differences is that they receive numerical grades. The frequency of tests and quizzes increases greatly as well. Students need to begin learning how to study and the methods that work best for them. You will be a big part of this! They will need you to study with them and quiz them.
  • Your child will have nightly homework. Most days they will be given a math homework page and 15 minutes of nightly reading. The books they choose to read at home should be chapter books on their independent reading level. They should not be picture books.
  • On the 1st and 3rd Friday they will turn in a letter they write to me about a book they are reading at home.
  • In class each day students will be given time to complete a simple solutions math lesson. If they do not finish, they will need to finish it at home.
  • Students will also need to set aside some time to study for upcoming tests and quizzes.
  • Each month students are required to complete a book report. Students may use a book from the classroom library, school library, home, or public library. All books should be approved by me before they begin. The genre and project vary by month.