St. Ben's Middle School Religion & Health Class

Welcome to MIddle School Religion.

Middle School students increase the knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith through a variety of activities and assignments.

Community Service learning opportunities, technology infused projects and small flexible work groups offer students a positive learning environment in classrooms and our communities.

Students participate in Mass, Reconciliation, Prayer Services and many other Catholic practices throughout the year.

Welcome to Middle School Health.

Health education has taken on a new significance in today,s school. Our society has moved from a concentration on cure to prevention. Both educators and parents have a responsibility to provide proper knowledge as well as the tools necessary for good decision-making. Children at this age are continuously developing concepts and establishing values which will indeed govern their lifetime health behaviors.

It is the role of the Health Teacher to lead children toward optimal health by providing good decision making techniques, sharing with them a value system based on Gospel values and opening doors to the wonder of kowledge and life.