Middle School Social Studies

The purpose of Middle School Social Studies is to foster the ability within students to understand, participate in and make informed decisions about both the world and the nation that we live in. Our social studies class will learn about history and how it impacts our lives today. By doing this our students will learn not only about America but how to be a valuable citizen participating in our civic duties.

With the school building being closed until 4/20 my social studies class will now be taught online. I will send out updates to students daily via email and I will provide a quick summary to parents via email as well.

Students will study the Western Hemisphere including:

  • Early peoples
  • European explorers and their impacts
  • Current governments and economics

Students will study the Eastern Hemisphere including:

  • Early civilizations (Mesopotamia, India, China)
  • Classical civilizations (Rome, Greece)
  • Mediterranean civilizations (Byzantium, Europe)

Students will study American History from exploration to World War I

(1600 - 1920)

Students will study American History from exploration to the Reconstruction Era

(1600 - 1880)

Students will complete American History (1920 - 2000's) and study 9th Grade World History curriculum

Students will study American History from the Industrialization Era to Present Day (1890 - 2000's)