Ms. Ehrman

Science and Technology

While the school building is closed, students will have work to do at home that will require the use of a computer. If you or your child have questions or concerns about completing the work, please contact me immediately.

COVID-19 Closure Updates

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  • 4/6/20 - All classroom materials are now available for Grades 4-8 on Google Classroom. All parents should have received a password reset link by email. Students can log in to their account by going to Please contact me if you have any questions.
  • 3/24/20 - As explained in the Gator Gazette, the school building will now be closed until at least April 20th. Science work for grades 4-8 is still due on April 6th, but it will need to be submitted online. We will be expanding our deployment of online learning solutions next week. Please stay tuned for additional details. If you have not already completed the technology survey that was emailed to parents, please do so!
  • 3/18/20 - Electronic copies of the science packets for Grades 4-5 have been emailed to parents. If your child did not receive a packet or if you need a paper copy mailed, please contact me. Grades 5-8 should have received their work on Google Classroom. Let me know if your child cannot access Google Classroom or if you are not receiving daily/weekly updates from Google Classroom as a parent. I've also added a science news section and a page for educational resources that can be used at home.
  • 3/14/20 - Science Packets were sent home with Grades 4-6. Required work for Grades 7-8 will be posted via Google Classroom on Monday. There will be no required work for technology classes, but enrichment/extension activities will be available through Google Classroom (Grades 5-8) and the website.

Science and Technology Updates

Oct 2019

I'm very excited to be teaching 4th and 5th Grade Science again. Information about Grade 5 Science will be posted to Google Classroom (see below). Information about Grade 4 Science will be posted on the 4th Grade Science page. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Welcome Back!

Aug 2019

It's been a great summer, but we are looking forward to the new school year! For grades 6-8, Science assignments and other course materials will be posted to Google Classroom. The calendar of assignments and events for each class can be viewed by clicking the "Calendars" link at the top of this page. Parents will receive an invite link from Google Classroom, so don't forget to sign up to receive email updates from Google Classroom about missing/upcoming assignments and announcements. If you don't receive an email invitation from Google Classroom during the first week of school, please call or email ( and we'll get it sorted.

For students, there is a Google Classroom app available for both iOS and Android. If you use a phone or tablet at home, you can use the Google Classroom app to stay current on your assignments.

If you do not use a mobile device, you can still access your Google Classroom account from any computer so that you can see and complete assignments from home.