The joy of sailing in a Compact Package

No moorage, storage, truck, nor trailer needed, but ready whenever and wherever adventure takes you. The MiniCat portable inflatable sailboat is now available in the Pacific Northwest exclusively from Sailing Awaits.

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The world's favorite portable sailboat

Sailboat in a bag?! You heard that right. The MiniCat inflatable catamaran sailboat collapses down into duffel bags, which means that it's portable enough that you can take with you anywhere. With 4 sizes and 9 models, each one is best suited for different scenarios. Sail frequently for short periods of time? Check out the MiniCat Guppy which is quickest to assemble. Need space for family or friends? Take a look at the MiniCat 420 or 460 which have weight capacities over 900 lbs. Jetsetter or a yachtsman? Think about the MiniCat 310 as it packs the smallest. Or if you just want raw speed, consider the MiniCat 460 which has the largest sail area. There's a model for everyone. Let us help you match you up with the perfect boat today.

Racing 420 Emotion sailboats
310 Sport and Guppy in a line on the beach
420 Emotion sailing in tropical water from overhead
420 Laura Dekker on Lake Como, Italy


  • Proven in the real-world for over 10 years.
  • Engineered and 100% made in Europe since its inception in 2006.
  • German-made 35 mil thick Hytex 5509 hulls are more resilient, lighter weight, and easier to repair compared to fiberglass, metal, or rotomolded plastic hulls.
  • Modular design makes replacement parts cost-effective and easy to extend the life of your boat.
  • Simple design with few custom parts makes customization with non-OEM parts possible.
  • Backed by 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 4 sizes weighing between 64 to 128 lbs.
  • Fits into 1, 2, or 3 duffel bags for easy transportation.
  • Toolless solo assembly in 15 minutes for the Guppy, 30 minutes for the 310, 45 minutes for the 420, and 60 minutes for the 460. (Gennaker, motor, or other options add additional time to set up.)
  • Carrying capacity for 2 to 4 adults.
  • Toss one, or even several, in your car, camper, or yacht on your next vacation. Or fly with one to your next tropical destination (sports equipment baggage fees apply).


  • It's not a race boat, but it's no jury-rigged row boat or kayak either. The MiniCat provides a good balance of performance to portability. View the photos and videos to decide for yourself.
  • Full sloop-rigged with jib, main, and optional gennaker.
  • High-quality materials and manufacturing tolerances.
  • Catamaran stability even with its large sail area.
  • Low aspect ratio keel fins minimize leeway.
  • Optional trapeze for racing on high-wind days.
  • Optional outboard motor mount. Can be used without mast/sails as a tender. Waterproof Torqeedo electric motors also available here.

Laura Dekker

Youngest solo circumnavigator and MiniCat brand ambassador

Laura holds the record as the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the world at just age 16, after a highly publicised court battle in the Netherlands. Having first sailed a MiniCat whilst on her voyage, Laura has become a fan, owner, and ambassador, even helping to design the 420 Laura Dekker Limited Edition.

"Not long ago I sailed an inflatable catamaran MiniCat with my sister. It sailed really well and it was very fast. I learned that it is easy to assemble and the boat is very well thought out so you do not need much storage space if you are not living near to the sea. It can be carried along in one big bag. Usually advertisements are very much exaggerated but this one really says it like it is. I have seen and sailed numerous inflatable catamarans and this one really stands above them all." — LAURA DEKKER

Laura Dekker

Quality in the details

For what doesn't come standard, innovative options and accessories are available

optional accessories
mast step and bowsprit of a 420 Laura Dekker
tack and cunningham of a 420 Instinct
rudder on a 420 Emotion
transport dolly accessory
roller furler on a 310 Sport
gennaker and snuffer for 420 and 460
trampoline of a 420 Evoque
main sail of 420 Evoque

4 Sizes

New for 2020

460 Elite

Based on the 460 Esprit, but with carbon fiber mast, bowsprit, and rudder.

Masthead float

Optional inflatable masthead float.

Wheeled Boat bag

Optional boat bag upgrade with inline wheels and 4 handles.

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