ICT Support


The ICT Support team are available to help you if you are having problems with your school technology. The best way to report any problems is to email helpdesk@alsahwa.edu.om.


Connect to the Al Sahwa Printers by clicking on these links and clicking 'Add Printer':

Al Sahwa Black Al Sahwa Colour

Printing Credit is available for 1 OMR in the Library.

To access your printing account go to printing.alsahwa.edu.om and log in using your Windows Login details. Here you can:

  • See your print credit
  • Top-up print credit

Connecting to WiFi

For Grades 1-11 your device should already be connected to the school WiFi.

For Grade 12 we offer you a single device login:

  1. Connect to Al Sahwa.
  2. Use your individual username and password given out. Your username should look something like this: 03bmohlaw23.