Kindergarten & Primary

Parents with children in the Kindergarten School will recieve direct emails containing letters and important information.

Grade 5, 6 and Secondary School

You will be sent an email with the subject 'Recieve Google Classroom email summaries for ...' inviting you to sign up email summeries for your children in the Secondary School. Once accepting this, you will recieve daily or weekly digests of the activity your children. You may also be directly emailed by a subject teacher.

More information and an example can be seen here:

Parent Teacher Council

Mother Representatives

Ms. Aziza Aziz Al Touki - Vice Chair (Re-Second Year)

Hasheema Al Balushi (Second Year)

Nader Al Rawahi (First Year)

Azza Al Shedani (First Year)

Amal Jawad (First Year)

Father Representatives

Dr. Nasser Rashid Al Mawali - PTC Chair (Second Year)

Dr. Yaqoub Mohammed Al Saidi (Second Year)

Dr. Wasim Fateh Atiyah (Second Year)

Yasser Al Fadhel (First Year)

Key Documents