Brauner's Science Domain

I have spent the last decade studying, teaching and performing research in the field of Anatomy & Physiology with a primary emphasis on cardiovascular and behavioral physiology. I have extensively worked in this field and I have developed a deep-rooted desire to help impart my love of the biological sciences, and particularly physiology to a wide variety of students. At the university level, I completed my B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at UC Davis, as well my M.S. in Anatomy and Physiology at the University of Arizona. As such, I have a comprehensive understanding of systemic human physiology and comparative anatomy and physiology. I have performed 5+ years research on topics encompassing the physiological sciences. Specifically, I have looked at the effects of environmental stress on cardiovascular function, behavior, and habitat selection. As a result of my desire to teach I obtained 5 years of experience as an instructor, at the post-secondary level and 2+ years of experience at the secondary level. At the secondary level, I taught: Freshman Earth Science, Sophomore Biology, Junior Physics, and Junior Anatomy & Physiology. At the post-secondary level, I taught: Molecular & Cellular Biology and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (at the University of Arizona) and Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology (at Carrington College California). I have 5+ years’ experience in a clinical setting as a laboratory assistant. I have worked in the hematology, oncology, and bacteriology laboratory departments. I have also worked directly with patients as a phlebotomist where I acquired a deep understanding of patient care and medicine in general. My goal is to motivate and encourage students to succeed in the sciences while making it fun, engaging, and approachable for them and ultimately hoping to promulgate the importance of science while helping them to succeed in their own endeavors.