Welcome Letter 2018-2019

  • Welcome Letter 2018-2019

Class: IB Mathematical Studies (IB MSSL)

School Year: 2018-2019

Teacher: Mr. Martin Maningo

Email: mmaningo@sagharborschools.org

Google Classroom Code: f1lhdv


This course is a one-year course and is intended for students with varied backgrounds and abilities. It emphasizes the application of mathematical concepts learned in previous years of study. The largest section of the course is Statistics. Other topics include, but are not limited to the following: Numbers/Algebra, Logic and Probability, Functions, Geometry and Trigonometry, Introduction to Calculus, and Financial Mathematics.

IB Mathematics (Group 5) AIMS

1. Enjoy mathematics, and develop an appreciation and elegance and power of mathematics.

2. Develop an understanding of the principles and nature of mathematics.

3. Communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of contexts.

4. Develop logical, critical and creative thinking, and patience and persistence in problem-solving.

5. Employ and refine powers of abstraction and generalization.

6. Apply and transfer skills to alternative situations, to other areas of knowledge and to future developments.

7. Appreciate how developments in technology and mathematics have influenced each other.

8. Appreciate the moral, social and ethical implications arising from the work of the mathematicians and the applications of mathematics.

9. Appreciate the international dimension in mathematics through awareness of the universality of mathematics and its multicultural and historical perspectives.

10. Appreciate the contribution of mathematics to other disciplines, and as a particular “area of knowledge” in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course.

Required Materials

Calculator TI - 84 Plus and a textbook will be given to you for the duration of the course. You are required to bring both to class every day.

Notebook, pocket binder, pens, pencils. No cell phones/laptops in class unless specified otherwise.

Local Grading Policy

· Tests 40%

· HW/Quizzes/Assignments 35%

· Participation 25%

IB Assessment and Grading

External Assessment (80%) - administered in May 2017 and graded by IB

Internal Assessment (20%) - this is a project that is internally assessed by me and externally moderated by IB. The project is an individual piece of work involving the collection, analysis, and the evaluation of information.

Additional Information

Please note that I am filling is for Mrs. Szychowska and have adopted the grading policy from the previous year to ensure there is a smooth transition upon her return.