Resources for children


The web links provided below are a good resource for you when you are looking for educational games for your child to play to enhance their learning. There are also helpful links for you as a parent to help support your little learners. The links are organized by groups (child/parent) for easy reference. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.

Links for children

Spelling City

Great for spelling and vocabulary, just type in the words.

PBS Kids

Great educational games.



Great Science website for space information and exploration.



Watch celebrities read aloud their favorite books.

Discovery Kids

Great Science website!

AAA Math

Grade 1 Math website. Learn, practice, play and explore.

BBC for Kids

Fun and educational games and activities for children.Storybook Online

An online streaming video program of SAG members reading children's books aloud

Dance Mat Typing

Teaches the correct way to type using the home row.

Xtra Math

Great math fact practice. You need an activation code and passwords from your teacher. It is timed to answer within 3 seconds. WARNING: It could be frustrating.

Weekly Reader

This is a great interactive resource for non fiction reading. Scroll down and type in the Magic word: whalers

Addition fact practice

Addition fact practice. See how many you can do in 2 minutes!

Sums of 10

Great practice for recognizing sums of 10!

Sums of 10

Make sure you click the 10 to practice sums of 10.

Double fact practice

Marble Math Addition practice

ARGH! Help the pirate solve the addition problem. Use the marbles as manipulatives to help.

100's Chart

Great for skip counting practice!

Learning Coins

A great tutorial on coins!

Raz kids

username: cheppenheimer find your child's name password: rabbit

Crafts for kids

Hands on crafts for kids.

Gr. 1 Review and practice

Great for all academic areas!


Coloring pages, craft ideas, card & certificate makers, games


If your child enjoys reading Dr. Seuss, he/she will love this website!