Homework Policy

Homework is a teacher-planned activity, which takes place largely outside the student’s regular school hours. Homework assignments are designed to provide practice and reinforcement of classroom learning and expand on a student’s school experience. Parents are encouraged to set aside a regular time each evening to discuss any papers their child may have brought home from school and to talk with their child about the day’s events. Establishing a quiet place and a routine for homework each evening helps children complete assignments in a timely fashion.

Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday and will include 15 minutes or more of reading. For our younger students this time is comprised of independent reading as well as enjoying listening to stories read by parents. In addition to daily reading, as a general guideline, 10 minutes of homework per grade level is assigned. A first grader should spend approximately 10 minutes on homework, whereas a fourth grade student should devote about 40 minutes. Homework should not become a major burden or hindrance to important family time. If homework is taking much longer than the suggested time, parents should notify the student’s teacher.

Whenever students are absent for an illness, parents may request that homework be available for pick up at the office. Requests for homework assignments should be made in the morning allowing sufficient time for organization of materials to be sent home.

Parents are asked to refrain from scheduling family vacations at times other than school breaks. This time away from school is a disruption to the learning process and should be avoided. Excessive absences from school impact a student’s ability to meet grade level standards and may influence student placement the following year. In the event of an unexcused absence due to a family vacation, work missed will be set aside and the student will be responsible for its completion upon returning to class.