Instructional Support

Mrs. Hayes is pleased to be the Instructional Support teacher at Sacred Heart School. She has been a member of Sacred Heart Parish since 1976. Mrs. Hayes and her husband Michael have four grown children and eight grandchildren. Mrs. Hayes graduated from Misericordia University with a PA teacher certificate. She is certified in both regular education grades K-8 and special education grades K-12. She earned her Mater’s Equivalency and a Reading Specialist from Millersville University.

For twenty-five years Mrs. Hayes was a Learning Support teacher for the Penn Manor School District. She believes God has called her to now teach at the school her children graduated from. As the Instructional Support teacher, Mrs. Hayes teaches, grades and supports children who qualify for replacement services. These are students who skills are below grade level for reading, language arts and/or math. She provides support services for class work, testing and school projects for students who qualify for replacement or support services. Mrs. Hayes also works closely with each student’s homeroom teacher to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications so that each student can do their best work.

Maria Hayes

Sacred Heart School values the gifts each member of our community shares. Each parent, volunteer, teacher, student, and friend of Sacred Heart School is welcomed and loved!

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Our instructional support program provides an environment where all are loved and all are welcome to learn and grow together!