First Grade

"Each child is unique and a special gift from God. My goal is to unlock the treasures hidden in the soul of each child and to help each child reach his/her potential by nurturing his/her God given talents.In first grade, the children learn about God's never ending love for them and how they can be "little apostles" and share God's love with others. I encourage and inspire my students to become independent thinkers, workers and future leaders of tomorrow and give them the tools to succeed.I learn valuable lessons from my students each day. They have taught me the importance of teaching to EACH child."

Julia Hartman

Mrs. Hartman is a product of Catholic Education and was inspired by the Sisters when she was very young. She has known that she wanted to be a teacher since she was in the first grade.

Mrs. Hartman is a graduate of Penn State University and has a Master's degree in Elementary Education. She has taught first grade at Sacred Heart School since 1988. Prior to coming to Sacred Heart, Mrs. Hartman taught in Philadelphia, Virginia and Massachusetts. She has been teaching since 1979.

Mrs. Hartman loves children. One of her goals is to make her students feel good about themselves and to help them recognize how special they are. She helps her students to realize their God given talents and guides them in using them to the best of their ability. Her Christian values and love of teaching are evident when you enter her classroom.

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