Counselor's Corner

K-12 School Counselor

Abby Bailey

501-354-8113 Ext. 12

General Information

*All colleges/universities have different dates and deadlines for admission and scholarship applications. My suggestion would be to apply to all places of interest during October-November. Be mindful of priority deadlines and realize that deadline date is NOT when you should start the process.

*Arkansas Course Transfer System: You can go to this website to obtain information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas Public Colleges. For example, "Will something I take at UACCM transfer to UCA?"

*As you apply for FAFSA and scholarships, make certain you use an email that you frequently check. If you use your school email, remember that this will inactivate after graduation.

*Each senior will get two college days (excused days to visit college campuses). The counselor or principal must PREAPPROVE these and proper documentation must be turned into the school.

*If you are majoring in Education, there is a new requirement for ATU and UCA: you are required to take the writing portion of the ACT one time. This may be true of other colleges as well so please check the college you plan to attend if you have any questions.