Counselor's Corner 

K-12 School Counselor 

Megan Ridenhour



General Information 

*All colleges/universities have different dates and deadlines for admission and scholarship applications. My suggestion would be to start applying for admission and scholarships ASAP. Be mindful of priority deadlines and realize that deadline date is NOT when you should start the process. 

*As you apply for FAFSA and scholarships, make certain you use an email that you frequently check.  DO NOT use your school email, remember this will inactivate after graduation. Anyone who contributes to the support of the student must complete the FAFSA , receive a FAFSA ID, and complete the permission page. 

*When completing the FAFSA application start with the student. Once you begin the FASFA process you have 45 days to complete EVERYTHING. If the application is not complete in this timeframe the entire process will start over. 

* Video and Info on how to complete the FAFSA -

**FAFSA must be complete to receive scholarship money from any institution weather you feel you will qualify or not. THIS IS MANDATORY. **

*The MAX Federal Pell Grant award for the 23-24 year was announced at $7,395. This is the most a student can receive under the Pell Grant. The amount an individual student may receive depends on a number of factors.                     -Https://

*Understand there is a Scholarship Stacking Policy. A students scholarship award amount is not to exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA) for a year. This is not what you will actually pay in tuition, fees, meals etc. This is the estimate of what it actually costs to attend college a full year; including tuition, room/board, books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and miscellaneous other expenses. 


*Each senior will get two college days (excused days to visit college campuses). The counselor or principal must PREAPPROVE these and proper documentation must be turned into the school. 

*If you are majoring in Education, there is a new requirement for ATU and UCA: you are required to take the writing portion of the ACT one time. This may be true of other colleges as well so please check the college you plan to attend if you have any questions.