Welcome to St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church! We're glad you're interested in learning more about us.

Vision for Ministry

Our vision for ministry is one of a growing group of faithful people worshipping God, learning the Bible, getting to know and loving one another, and serving Christ. To that end we have set aside four specific things on which we will focus for the foreseeable future. These areas are:

We call these four things our "Ministry Focus," and with all of our hearts, souls, and minds we're working to position the church to do these things well to the glory of God. We hope you'll find inspiration in who we are and what we're doing ... and that you'll come join us in Christian worship, learning, loving, and serving!

Contact Us

  • 1416 Market St., Wilmington, NC 28401
  • Phone: (910) 762-9693
  • Email: admin@sacpc.co

More About SACPC

News & Activities

We're a church with a lot to offer. To get a sense of all that we do in support of our Ministry Focus, visit our News, Events, & Activities page.

We also encourage you to explore the pages for our areas of Ministry Focus. In each of these areas we highlight opportunities to be a part of, or support, church ministry efforts.

Visiting & Joining

We are a "membership church," meaning that we encourage people to become official church members. Why? In our denomination the membership elects those who serve as church leaders, among other important tasks. As members, we truly are the church together.

That said, all are welcome to participate in church life. You do not have to be a member to join us in worship, bible study, friendship, and in serving!

Learn more on our Visiting and Joining page.

Church Leadership

Maybe it can go without saying, but we'll state this right up front: Jesus Christ is the head of the church! Thanks be to God!

In terms making decisions for the church, our Presbyterian heritage establishes a specific type, form and structure of leadership that governs the entire denomination and individual churches like ours.

In our church, leadership authority rests in these two groups:

The Session and our Ordained staff have further delegated certain responsibility to Deacons and teams, and to paid program staff.

Everyone in these groups are dedicated to joyfully serving God while working to make our vision for ministry a reality.

St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church (910) 762-9693 admin@sacpc.co