Team Sebago Science Teachers

Melissa Gosselin (7th)

Michaela Lamarre (8th)

Skills of a Scientist:

Students explore with the skills of a scientist:

Observe Question Hypothesize Research

Experiment Design Create Collaborate

Persevere Analyze Argument Communicate

7th Grade Life Science Content


Human Impacts in the Environment

Cells and processes


Human Body Systems

Natural Selection and Adaptations

8th Grade Physical Science Content

Engineering and Design Process

Unit 1: Waves and Coastal Erosion

Light and Electromagnetic Radiation

Unit 2: Weather and Climate

Unit 3: Chemistry

Unit 4: Thermal Energy, States of Matter

Service-Based Engineering Design Projects

Unit 5: Forces and Motion, Gravity

Unit 6: Kinetic and Potential Energy

Unit 7: Sound Waves and Circuits

Classroom Aquaponics

Lots of Eggsperiments!