Social Studies

Mr. Bishop

Welcome to my class website. This year in Social Studies class, we will study American history from the Industrial Revolution to today.

12/10 - Government from Reagan to today Notes

12/9 - Finish Reaganomics writing and Current Event assignment for tomorrow

12/6 - "Was Reaganomics good for America?" writing assignment

12/5 - Reaganomics primary sources

12/4 - Reaganomics primary sources

12/3 - Reaganomics primary sources


12/1 - EARLY RELEASE DAY - Ronald Reagan video

11/12 - Civilian Conservation Corps film

11/8 - Civilian Conservation Corps film

11/7 - New Deal Project sharing

11/6 - New Deal Project work day

11/5 - New Deal Project work day

11/4 - New Deal Project work day

11/1 - How to cite sources, work on New Deal project

10/31 - New Deal Inquiry Project overview

10/30 - FDR and the New Deal notes and class reading

10/29 - EdPuzzle New Deal video assignment

10/28 - Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal changes government

10/25 - What problems did America face during the Great Depression? - gallery walk and discussion

10/24 - How did Herbert Hoover react to the Great Depression?

10/23 - No class time, Biddeford Regional Center of Technology trip

10/22 - How did Herbert Hoover react to the Great Depression

10/21 - What caused the Great Depression?

10/18 - Stock Market crash simulation

10/17 - Review of the 1920s - Problems - Government response - Who benefitted? - Who suffered?

10/16 - NO SCHOOL - Storm day

10/15 - America in the 1920s Newsela Quiz assignment

10/14 - NO SCHOOL - Indigenous Peoples Day

10/11 - America in the 1920s Newsela Quiz assignment

10/10 - 1920s Intro research assignment

10/9 - How did the Progressive Era/Gilded Age end? How was the 1920s a clash of old and new ways of thinking?

10/8 - How did the Progressive Era/Gilded Age end?

10/7 - Gilded Age summative DBQ

10/4 - Gilded Age summative DBQ

10/3 - DBQ readings - Women's suffrage and food safety

10/2 - DBQ readings - Conservation and Child Labor primary sources

10/1 - Start of a Document Based Question (DBQ) on the Progressive Era

9/30 - Small groups share Progressive Era reform research with the class

9/27 - Guest speaker Anatole Brown from the Saco Museum shared some pieces from the museum's collection about Saco/Biddeford's industrial past

9/26 - Progressive Era reforms small group research

9/25 - Progressive Era reforms small group research

9/24 - How the Other Half Lived and Worked primary sources from the Gilded Age

9/23 - How the Other Half Lived and Worked primary sources from the Gilded Age

9/20 - The Gilded Age: What is a sweatshop? Why did workers start to form labor unions?

9/19 - The Gilded Age: How did people like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie get to be so wealthy?

9/18 - The Gilded Age: What was it like to be a worker during this time period? What were the lives of the wealthy and the poor like?

9/17 - The Industrial Revolution leads to the growth of American cities, but also creates problems that require government intervention. Students also spent time trying out an iCivics simulation on the Bill of Rights for Constitution Day

9/16 - Railroads lead to the economic expansion of the United States in the late 1800s/early 1900s

9/13 - Economics assessment

9/12 - Economics: Advantages and disadvantages of different economic systems

9/11 - Discussion of the events of September 11, 2001 and their lasting impact on our world today.

9/10 - Economics: Mixed economy and the economy of Maine

9/9 - Economics: Market economy and Command economy

9/6 - Economics: The concept of Scarcity, supply & demand, competition, and the Three Basic Economic Questions: What to produce? How to produce it? Whom to produce it for?

9/5 - Students completed an organizer on corroboration and reliability of sources related to the fictional lunchroom fight story. A written Suspension Report is due Monday (9/9)

9/4 - Discussion about Historical Thinking skills - specifically the skills of sourcing, corroboration and contextualization. Students will be asked to complete a "Suspension Report" based on a fictional fight.

9/3 - Students worked cooperatively to put 12 photos into chronological order using background knowledge and clues from the photos. We had a discussion about some of the main themes of Social Studies class this year.