General Requirements: It is suggested that all Administrative Officers be elected from those actively attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings, have the willingness and desire to serve, a working knowledge of the Governing Principles and Procedural References of the SacFNA-ASC, and the ways and means to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions. All Admin Team members shall be required to sign agreements of financial responsibility, attend monthly Admin Team meetings, and submit written reports to the monthly ASC. Please see the Guidelines and ASC materials for details about each position.

The Admin Committee Meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 on the Zoom platform

Meeting ID: 835 6578 0587

Passcode: 1953

Area Service Committee Positions Open (Adjusted 11/3)

Click here for more details about each position

    • Outreach Coordinator

    • Unity Day Task Leader

    • H&I task leader (within the H&I Task Group)

    • Phoneline task leader

    • Schedule task leader

Another reference for service Guidelines and ASC materials