Geometry Honors


The SaccoMath Process for Weekly Test Prep

SaccoMath club is a program designed to prepare Creek students for upcoming math tests. We will always be covering the material that will be tested on your very next math exam. Here’s a simple 3-step process our students should use to prepare for each math exam.

Step 1 Attend the Standards lesson at Saccomano Academics. The instructor will show you how to solve all the “Standard Problem” types you need to perform for your next quiz. If you understand the Standards packet, you should have a good handle on all the material you will be responsible for knowing. Make sure to stay after the session to work with the instructor. For very difficult topics you can always attend a second standard lesson for the materials, or re-watch a recording of the lesson either on this clubsite or in our office during open hours.

-Geo H moves so fast and covers so much (especially at the beginning of the year) that we sometimes need two sessions to cover the material for the week. We try to be as efficient as possible, and my goal is to cover all the necessary material for the week in one lesson, but there will be weeks you need to attend or at least watch both Thursday and Saturday sessions. We do record and post the lessons on this clubsite if you can't attend the session time. Extra sessions are also needed for chapter tests so we can do practice tests and corrections. This happens every 3 weeks or so and we send out special announcements when its a chapter test week. The main thing to pay attention to is each week we put everything you need to know into a “Standards” packet. It covers all the standard problem types you need to know how to solve. If you have gone through the whole packet you should be ready for the next weeks worth of material, whether it be by attending 1 lesson, 2 lessons, or doing some of it on video as a make up.

Step 2 Do your nightly homework (assigned by your teacher at Creek) and TURN IT IN FOR CREDIT! The Standards packet we cover at Saccomano has examples of all the main problem types you’ll encounter in the homework. Use the standards as reference for how solve the homework problems. The homework is there for you to practice the correct method to increase speed and accuracy. AFTER you have completed your homework, or if you get stuck on a problem use the homework guides that are provided on this clubsite. You can access these by clicking on the menu above.

Step 3 Do a practice test before the test and retry problems you miss until success. Before a math test, you should test yourself to prove you can apply the correct process without help, and find and correct your mistakes before the real test which counts for a grade. We always have staff available for you to take a practice test at a scheduled session and work through test corrections. If you can't attend a second session per week, you can take the practice test from home and work through the key. These practice tests and keys are posted in the above menu.

Weekly Scheduling Options to complete the SaccoMath Club Process. (​In addition to doing your assigned homework by your Creek teacher, our process requires twice a week​ sessions to prepare for your math quizzes)

Session 1. To learn the material- Do the Standards Lesson.

  • Best time option:​ At one of the designated group times. Group times for Geometry Honors are generally on Saturday from 2pm to 3:30pm and Thursday from 3:45pm to 5:15pm.
  • Alternative times if you can’t make either group session due to activities, sickness etc
  1. At a weekly fixed appointment in the study room.
  2. At a “walk in” time. We’re available for walk ins from our members from 2:30-8:30pm Sunday-Thursday. Make sure you come in before your quiz!
  3. From home via the clubsite anytime.

Session 2. To practice, correct errors in understanding or execution- Do the practice test and corrections. Time Options (the best option varies from student to student):

  1. Walk in to the study room 2:30-8:30pm Sunday-Thursday. Do it 1 or 2 days before your test at Creek. By flexibility coming in 1 to 2 days before your test, the material will be most fresh in your mind. This is the best option for students who want best test performance, and can handle the responsibility of making sure they come before each test.
  2. Set a fixed weekly time in the study room. Ideally with the instructor for your specific class. (*see below, just make sure to change your time if you need help before a test! This option is best for students who need a structured schedule to keep organized and accountable. The advantage is that the fixed time helps guarantee you’ll do the work.
  3. Do this part at home via the website. Many of our students can do the practice test and corrections independently once they’ve done the Standards lessons. You have to be responsible and self-motivated, but this option works for busy students who are committed to doing it before each test.

*Jesse's Study Room Hours: Monday through Thursday 2pm to 3:30pm

*Jason’s Study Room Hours: Sun 2pm to 3:30pm, Mon and Wed 3:45 to 5:15pm, Mon and Thu 5:30 to 7pm.