Bicycles are essential transportation for many who need to get around at any time but especially now during the coronavirus pandemic. This might include traveling to essential jobs, running crucial errands, or participating in mutual aid for vulnerable people who cannot leave their homes. SABA together with caring members of the community have joined forces to see that those essential workers who need a bike, get a bike.

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates is connecting our essential workforce to bicycles donated by caring and generous community members. Who makes up the essential workforce? You can find the official list right here. To name a few: nurses, doctors, first responders, firefighters, food industry, transportation workers, bicycle mechanics, government officials, law enforcement, delivery drivers and many more. SacBikeMatch has added educators and students to our list of eligible BikeMatch recipients.

We have also developed a separate process to help our friends and neighbors who are under the guidance of a caseworker from our many social service organizations. If you are a caseworker, please email us at SacBikeMatch.

Below you will find the links that will take you to the SacBikeMatch application or the SacBikeMatch donation submission form.

We are proud and honored to be able to help our essential workers have access to dependable and safe transportation. If you have an unused bike at home or in storage, please consider donating it to SacBikeMatch. You just might be saving a life.

Do you have a bike to donate? Great! Here is what to do:

  • Review the program requirements below

  • Click on the I have a bike to donate button

  • Fill out the Donation Submission Form

  • We will contact you to schedule a donation drop-off appointment

Click here for donation program requirements

Participation in the Bike Match program requires your agreement to the terms of the LIABILITY WAIVER. Please be sure to sign the SacBikeMatch Voucher form, which we will email you once your application is approved, and bring it with you to your appointment.

Donated bikes should be in "ready to ride" condition. Something that you would ride, at least in a pinch. We may be able to accept bikes needing minor repairs. That decision will be made by the Manager on duty at the time of your appointment.

To be compliant with the COVID-19 protocols it is required that you clean the bike thoroughly before hand-off (handlebars, gear shifters, seat, etc.). For the same reason, all bike exchanges are permanent.

Are you an essential worker in need of transportation?

  • Review the eligibility requirements below

  • Click the I need a bike button below

  • Complete the application and submit it

  • Watch your email for further instructions from SacBikeMatch

  • We will contact you to schedule a pick-up appointment

  • While your waiting, brush up on your bike skills by checking out our collection of repair and maintenance videos

Click here for program eligibility requirements

You must meet one of the following pre-requisites to qualify for a free or low cost SacBikeMatch

  • Employed frontline medical personnel

  • Employed essential services personnel*

  • Providing essential services (self-employed)

  • Case worker referral

  • Educators

  • Students

  • Actively seeking employment with the help of government or social services agency

Supporting documentation may be requested by SacBikeMatch

*essential services as defined by government agency