About Us:

We operate in the Future Education space. Future Education is about positioning education so that it is relevant, accessible, affordable and able to deliver an ROI.

We achieve success in this space by leveraging 20+ years of experience in the VET sector, leading edge IP that we have developed over that period and matching that with state of the art technology.

What we do:

We work in both the online & offline communities to help individuals, teams and organisations educate, engage and/or excite.

Our services include the following:

Award Programmes (AQF - diploma & certificate):

1.Pathways (Initially Australian Universities)

2.Blended (partially or fully online solutions)



1.Digital solutions (on-boarding, product knowledge, employee Apps …)

2.Subscription services (courses, surveys, tests, English language)

3.Non-Award Programmes

Award Programs:

The Pathways initiative which is about creating a more attractive avenue to study at Australian Universities (and other countries in the future).

Thinking. The move from high school to university can and often is quite difficult. There is the transition from a completely controlled learning environment of high school to the almost total freedom of university study. The challenge of a new culture, a different language, little if any family close by and the high cost of study in Australia and it becomes a barrier to success for many students / families.

The Pathways initiative addresses this issue by allowing the student to complete Year One of their undergrad degree in their home location. On completion of the Year One dit dah programme the student would enter university as a Year Two student. The benefits of this initiative are:

•Able to complete Year 1 of degree at home / home country

•Total cost savings of at least 50% for Year One

•Close family support to manage the high school - university transition

•Increased chance of successful completion rates due to a more robust preparation process


1.Digital solutions (on-boarding, product knowledge, employee Apps …)

2.Subscription services (courses, surveys, tests, English language)

Fully customized apps available including Audience Engagement, Teacher Education, International Schools, Product Knowledge, On boarding and English knowledge


Typical induction processes are run by HR / admin and position the gaining manager & team as 3rd party observers with little if any ownership of the outcome of the process. Processes tend to be one-way (company to employee) and do not begin until the new joiner is actually onboard.

Our approach turns this process on its head! Our solution:

•starts as soon as the employment contract has been signed meaning that in most cases the new joiner will be completing many aspects of the induction process while they are completing the notice period at their old company

•addresses buyer-remorse issues

•shifts responsibility for success of inducting a new employer to the gaining manager and team

•includes support mechanisms to help the gaining manager retain the new employee

•embeds a buddy system

•leverages loyalty card benefits

•provides visible indication of attainment against progress targets of necessary OH&S, admin and other organisational policy & procedure requirements