Counselling Team

We are excited to welcome Ms. Romell to our counselling team this year. She comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Our counsellors are here to support you through any of life's challenges. We are skilled professionals with years of experience working with teens and their families. Please reach out to us when you need support - we are here to help. 

Students and parents are welcome to contact a counsellor at any time, appointments can be made for Ms. Anderson, Ms. Romell  or Mr. Hilton using the links below or emailing them directly.

Services Include:

Our school counsellors provide a variety of services to Parkland students and their families intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional, and career development of students in schools and in the community.

To make an appointment please reach out to one of the counsellors by signing up in the counselling foyer or by clicking on their make an appointment link below, or by emailing one of the counsellors directly. Our counsellors are assigned to students by grade, but students are welcome to connect with the individual they think would be the best fit. 

Ms. Anderson

Grades 10 & 12
IB Counsellor
Scholarship Advisor
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Ms. Anderson is our counsellor for Grades 10 and 12 but loves connecting with all students and is always happy to help out.  She is your go to person for all things scholarships. Ms. Anderson is also our advisor for students taking an IB course and for any student taking a course through SIDES.  She loves tennis and is the teacher sponsor of the Parkland Tennis Club.

Ms. Romell

Grades 9 & 11
International Student Advisor
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Ms. Romell is our counsellor for Grades 9 and 11, and all international students, but she is more than happy to connect and support all our students.

Mr. Hilton

Grades 9 - 12
International Student Advisor
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Mr. Hilton is an advisor for the Saanich International Student Program (SISP).  He has taught at Parkland Secondary for over 20 years in the Science and Math departments, including IB Biology.  He is also the teacher sponsor and coach of the Parkland Rowing Team. Go Panthers!

Ms. Chia

Grades 9 - 12
Youth & Family Counsellor


Ms. Chia is our new Youth and Family Counsellor and we are very excited to have her join our Counselling team. She works from an approach that is justice-oriented and relational. She will offer a safe space that is inclusive to our students and community in a way that makes them feel most heard.