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YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 in YouTube in 2021 - BEST YouTube SEO Tips for 2021

Ranking videos at the top of YouTube by using YouTube SEO is one of the best SEO strategies you can put in place.

Why is ranking at the top of YouTube good? Well frankly you'll gain loads of views but that's not the best bit, when people are searching for specific questions on YouTube if they find someone who can help them they are likely to buy. So if your video appears at the top of YouTube search then you are in a great place to drive new business and brand awareness.

The most important things to consider with YouTube SEO are the title and description within your video. Next, you want to consider the keywords, tags and where else you can share your video such as social channels to gain more likes plus engagement. You need an engaging video as well as a good thumbnail, the main thing though is to think about the viewer (you audience) and will they watch your video - the longer people watch, the better the engagement, the higher your video is going to rank, making your YouTube SEO efforts pay off.

When you do get your video to the top of YouTube you also have a good chance of getting it ranked in Google search as well. Think about answering questions for the viewer, timecode your video (like we have below) making it easy for your YouTube viewers to find the parts of the video most interesting to them. We've been studying YouTube SEO seriously for the last couple of years, before that Simon was (and still is) one of the very best in the world at traditional SEO strategy having worked on the web since it began and studied SEO for over 20 years, ranking thousands of clients sites on the first page of Google.

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0:00​​ - Intro

0:07​​ - How do videos help SEO?

1:28​​ - How do I check my YouTube SEO?

2:00​ - Which on page element carries the most weight for SEO?

2:43​​ - Is it worth making backlinks from videos on YouTube?

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