Nighthawk Post

Welcome to Rocky Heights Middle School's official newspaper website, the Nighthawk Post. Here, you can share YOUR stories to get them published in our printed copies, read the monthly Nighthawk Post publications, learn how to join the club, and more.

Go Nighthawks!

Want to submit a story and/or art to be published in the official Nighthawk Post?

Email the club sponsor, Mrs. Williamson at, or 2019-2020 Nighthawk Post leader, Claire Bauer, at, and tell us what happened! Whether your story is a short rough draft in need of editing or you have an already edited and revised article, we will take it into consideration to be published under YOUR name for the next edition of the Nighthawk Post. If you wish for your story to be published anonymously, please say so in the email.

Want to become a member?

Sign up on MySchoolBucks! Meetings are every Wednesday in room 241, from 3:00 to 4:00. 6th-8th grade eligible. Must be currently attending Rocky Heights to join.

What jobs are available in the Nighthawk Post staff?

Being in the Nighthawk Post doesn't mean you have to write! While you can write and edit the articles for the newspaper, we also have positions for reporters (interviewers), photographers, comic artists, and more.

Only some of our newspaper editions are available online. We recommend that you keep up with the current news on paper!

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