Welcome to Mr. Wintermote's Classroom at South Hamilton High School in Jewell, IA. Mr. Wintermote teaches the business/computer classes of Graphic Communications, ICCC Photoshop, ICCC Web Design, Computer Applications, Advanced Computer Applications, Business Applications, Multimedia, and Yearbook.

Mr. Wintermote's Class Schedule for 2018-19 (Semester 1)

First Hour: Computer Applications I

Second Hour: Yearbook

Third Hour: TV/Media

Fourth Hour: Prep

Fifth Hour:

Sixth Hour: Yearbook/SH

Seventh Hour: Study Hall

Eighth Hour: Computer Applications I

Mr. Wintermote's Class Schedule for 2018-19 (Semester 2)

First Hour: Yearbook

Second Hour: Conference

Third Hour: Graphic Communications

Fourth Hour: ICCC Dreamweaver

Fifth Hour: TV/Media

Sixth Hour: Computer Apps II

Seventh Hour: Computer Apps I

Eighth Hour: Computer Apps I

Student Expectations and Classroom Procedures

Respect Yourself

· Come to class on time with materials needed

· Follow the dress code

· Give your best effort/be ready to learn

Respect Others

· Use appropriate language

· Value property of others

· No bullying and/or harassment

· Use your manners.

Respect Your School

· No food or drink in the classroom

· Use school equipment appropriately

· Obtain teacher’s permission to leave class

· Follow the Technology Use Agreement.

For other policies and regulations, refer to the Student Handbook.

Taking care of business

The Business Department is an extensive and comprehensive program that provides relevant, authentic, and real-life learning experiences. The program models excellence in support of the school’s Vision and Mission statements. Our mission is to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for post-secondary education and entry into the workplace, by providing a rigorous integrated system of academic and applied learning. The program focuses on a vigorous and continuous quality education that offers students the opportunities to master the knowledge, applications, and attitudes to succeed in school, in life and in the workplace. To participate in today's society as prepared citizens, informed consumers and effective workers, and is becoming increasingly important for all students.

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