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The concept for the High Country Training Center was conceived to provide firefighters with a practical and realistic training ground thus, utilizing current methodology and technology in a controlled and safe environment.

The four fire rescue departments in the county that have funded the first phase of the facility are:

  • Copper Mountain Fire Rescue
  • Lake Dillon Fire-Rescue
  • Red, White & Blue Fire Rescue
  • Snake River Fire Rescue

The HCTC Vision

The vision for the High Country Training Center was first discussed some 20 years ago by the Summit County Firefighters Association and County Fire Chiefs. It was not until the early 1990's that serious effort was initiated to locate a suitable site that could be acquired for future construction of a fire training center. By the end of 1992, the training task force, as it was called, had completed a needs analysis and visited several training centers in the Denver metro area. Dutch Hudson then prepared the first colored conceptual plan to utilize for site analysis and to generate interest from other entities for funding and participation.

Finding the Location

After examining several potential sites in the county, in 1993 it became apparent that the best option for the facility was the County Commons and Shops parcel that was expanded in size due to the Homestake Land Trade. This location was both centrally located and affordable to the taxpayers in the County. A 25 year lease was signed with the Board of County Commissioners in May of 1996 for the 3.44 acre site in Frisco. Although originally envisioned as a 7 acre parcel, the current site is the very minimum size needed to accommodate the functions of a burn building, drill tower, pump draft testing pit, extrication pad, and confined space rescue. The value of the Phase I construction is $1,600,000 and was completed on October 23, 1999. Phase II of construction was completed September 19, 2002, at a cost of $250,000.00. It includes administration office and classroom facility.

The Summit Fire Authority

The Summit Fire Authority includes the fire districts of Summit Fire & EMS (Formerly Copper Mountain & Lake Dillon Fire Rescue) and Red White & Blue. Training and facility management services are provided by the Red White & Blue Fire Protection District. All High Country Training Center activities are coordinated by the HCTC staff.