This website is created by the Heloise Lorimer STEAM TEAM. Heloise Lorimer School is a K-8 school and it’s the birthplace of the STEAM TEAM started November 2016 at a Girls in Tech Rocky View Summit. The STEAM Team is three groups of dedicated students who are committed to improving student’s skills in Design Thinking and to encourage a Maker Mindset in our school community. As head coach of the STEAM TEAM, I help to organize the students to ideate new Design Challenges, organize… and promote new innovative technology. We want to offer FREE workshops to students and community members who want to: PLAY, LEARN & CREATE. Improving our community by teaching resilience and perseverance.

Above: First ever STEAM TEAM picture 2016. Below: January 2017.

STEAM TEAM presenting at Telus Spark - 2017

2018-2019 STEAM TEAM

Grades 4 &5 TEAM

2018-2019 STEAM TEAM

Soam and Ammalee

Grade 6 TEAM

Check out our STEAM Team publications from 2017 in The STEM Education magazines and in the Community Now Magazines (see link):

STEAM TEAM members September 2017