video game addiction

Izaak and Minh

our central idea is playing video games can evolve into an addition that can ruin people`s social life relationships and affect their health.


People are streaming for money or they want to play games but still get money. people like to be good at games because fortnite or other games have these tornaments so then get over $10M to spend anything with it. Gaming can be good to if you are using it in good use like if you are streaming to get money so then they can give it for cancer research or for charity. People are getting addicted and playing 24/7 because video games are too fun and they have a lack of education. It will relate to another topic which is minimilsm because you dont need video games ( unless it is for money to live) . Video games are really a waste of time unless if you are taking a break. If you are taking a break you can still go outside but I am not controling you NOT to play video games.

it can also cause mental health issues when you lose and lose your family time. It is also a waste of time of not learning or getting education and happening for many years. The game that are causing these are fortnite, guild wars 2, league of legends, overwatch, apex legends, hearthstone, CS go, world of war craft, dota 2, GTA, PUBG, and call of duty. video games can cause hours for weeks and maybe people can play 24/7. It can also cause of electricity bills to be higher. There is a addiction test so then they can test your addiction levels. Video game addiction can be like every other addiction like drug or achohol and smoking addiction. Gamers high talented has a future which is gaming and can waste time with other stuff.

here is some pro gamers who are additced I can list a few. Dakotaz, cloakzy, nate hill, ninja,dr. Lupo, high distorstion, CDNthe3RD, nickmercs, Cizzorz, slappie, courage, axvry, faze yelo, ghost ayden, mongraal, inacinces, FaZe Thiefs, Nickeh30, RNG mrfreshasian, RNG x2Twins, TSM Myth, TSM Daequan, TSM Zexrow,TimTheTatMan, SypherPK, TSM Wintrz, Symfuny, and MrSavageM. These people are addicted in video games so then they made there careers streaming and some of them are kids that started it early, even wasting there money for advance technology, which can maybe cost $5000 or $10,000.

when you start getting addicted like playing for hours like 1-4.

when you are addicted such as long gaming sessions 3-12.

when every thing fails like spending all your money on games or getting in fights with family members.

here have a video of rise gaming video game addiction program hes a link to there web site!!!

teams who understand gaming on a personal level. TSM, FaZe, team liquid. To be specific they are really addicted to video games and social media.

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[[starts when your a kid]]

[[ then when it is getting exciting for you]]

[[when you are really addicted]]

people are getting addicted to video games they have to make there lifes even like for an example you have to learn for 2 hours and then play video games for 1 hour because learning is more important than video games. I am not saying that you cant play video games you can still play it for entertainment so your life is not boring. You even have to get some fresh air and play outside.

when you are playing video games for one hour.

when you do homework for two hours



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Minh Pham - Exhibition Compass Points

Post week reflection by Minh.

During exhibition I want to work on my self mangement skill so then I could get most of may work done.. It connects to minfulnes so I can be calm and work. To be specific we have to help our group members. Post exhibition goal by minh.

week one refetion by izaak .

week one refletion

my exhibiton goal was self managment. After 2 weeks, I think i have been good with it because then me and my group so then we could get good marks and have a good topic.

Week 5 reflection
Week 5 reflection


Week 8 reflection

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Week 7
Minh Pham - Exhibition Compass Points
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