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Haely Wiens - Exhibition Compass Points

Haely's compass point 1st reflection

Haelys Week 2 reflection

Jasmine Grewal - Exhibition Compass Points

Jasmine's Compass Point 1st Reflection

Jasmine's Goal is to not get off task and get in trouble and be told off

Haely's goal for exhibition-April 11th

My exhibition goal is to not get distracted by other things around me.

I want to work on this goal because when I get distracted I get of task and I get in trouble and I don't like being in trouble and I could get bad grades and I don't want a bad mark in exhibition.

I will work on this skill by not focus on other things and focus on my work and not others around me.

Week 3 reflection

Haelys week 4 reflection

week 5 reflection

Week 5 reflection

Haely Wiens - Exhibition Reflection Week 7
Jasmine Grewal - Exhibition Reflection Week 7
Haely Wiens - Exhibition Compass Points