Animal Harassment

it's society's responsibility to use their hearts and decrease animal harassment in the community.

William Robinson - Exhibition Compass Points


Simoh Gill - Exhibition Compass Points

Exhibition goals by Simoh. During exhibition I want to work on literacy . It connects to research skills because you have to use varieties of sources for the research.


My exhibition goal was to work on using different varieties of sources for research. After 2 weeks I have achieved this because now l use websites, videos, and books.

William- Week 1 Reflection

Williams exhibition goal -April 10th

  1. My goal for exhibition is not to get frustrated.
  2. I want to work on this goal because i get frustrated a lot when were on a thing and my parknear is fooling around and when I am having trouble thinking of ideas.
  3. I will work on this skill by going for a walk,going for a drink,take a breath or say stop to my parknear so I won't get frustrated.
Week two reflections William


William week 4 reflection part one.

William week 4 reflection part two.

Week five reflection


Week 6 reflection

Simoh's week 2 reflection


Simoh's week 5 reflection

Exhibition - Week 6 Reflection

Simoh's week 6 reflection

Simoh's week 7 reflection- Answers to showcase questions:

Our prop is a picture of a stray cat before it was rescued and after it was rescued. It connects to my topic because we want to teach people what happens to stray animals and how it happens. The creative piece we’re using is a abandoned dog that lives in a abandoned house, and we are showing what happens when animals get rescued in a fun way. This connects to our topic because another thing we want people to learn how the rescue process and how stray animals live.

We will use the props and creative piece will help us start the conversations about how animals are like us and we are like animals, because the props will make the people ask/say well i wouldn’t like that to happen to me. So we will have a chance to start a conversation about that.

A few skills I think I would need is thinking, self- management, and communication skills because, we have a lot of planing to do and all of those skills are exactly what we need. If we use these skills i think it's gonna be a perfect presentation.

William Robinson - Exhibition Reflection Week 7