Mental Health

o mental health shapes your well being

my exhibition goal was to listen to my group after two weeks i think i achieved my goal because i listen to my group about there ideas .

Tatiana Gonzalez Gutierrez - Exhibition Compass Points

Tatiana talking point.

Week6 reflection


my Exhibitions goal

for exhibition i will work on thinking skills

i want to work on this goal because sometimes i have an idea that is too big

i will work on this skill during exhibition by breaking mt idea dowe so i can remember them more easily.

Sadie MacNevin - Exhibition Compass Points

Tatiana week 7


Tatiana Gonzalez Gutierrez - Exhibition Compass Points
Sadie MacNevin - Exhibition Compass Points

sadies exhibition goal is during exhibition i want to listen to my group. it connects to listen skills because when you are in a group you have to listen to your group members so you have a success full exhibition

Trinity Van Eyk - Exhibition Compass Points

Exhibition goals by Trinity. During exhibition, I want to work on communication skills, it connects to how I speak to people because when I was in Awakening passions I stayed quiet instead of speaking my thoughts on the questions and when I was in awakening passions it really did not help with what would come in the future.

Tatiana week one reflection

Trinity week 1 reflection

I learned from the ambros that it h

Sadie’s weekly Reflection

week 2 reflection by Trinity

my exhibition goal is to stay more on task because i get off task sometimes

Trinity week 4 reflection

Tatiana 's

trinity week 6 reflection

trinity week 6 reflection

Week 8 Reflection

Trinity's week 9 reflection