W1 I make well-informed healthy physical choices :

Student can use knowledge of a healthy, active lifestyle to promote and encourage family/peer/ community involvement

Student can analyze how positive health habits can be supported by a variety of approaches to health practices and treatments; e.g., acupuncture

What are the various health and treatment facilities in Chestermere?

With your partners, create a list of choices for those who need physical, social/emotional support.

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Student can develop strategies that promote healthy nutritional choices for self and others; e.g., adopt goals that reflect healthy eating, encourage the placement of nutritious food in vending machines

Canada's Food Guide.pdf

Go to the Health Canada Website and determine how much of each food group a person your age should be consuming in a day.

Using the Heart Smart Kids guide, track your food intake and classify into each of the food groups for one day, and then reflect on the decisions you've made!

Student can analyze addictions; e.g., stages, kinds, and resources available to treat addictions

Stages of Addiction: Quizlet

Stage I

    1. Initial Contact
    2. Experimentation Use
    3. Social Use
    4. Integrated Use

Stage II

    1. Harmful/Excessive Use (Stops you from doing other you enjoy)
    2. Dependant/Addictive Use (need to uses despite the problems it will cause)

Stage III

    1. Compulsion & Obsession
    2. Loss of Control
    3. Continued use despite adverse consequences

Stage IV

    1. Tolerance

Stage V

    1. Withdrawal

Go to https://www.canva.com/ and use your school google account to log in.

You will select create a POSTER and then pick your layout.

Design a poster that outlines signs of a specific addiction, and lists local resources and supports available.

Keep the tone of your message positive and build a case for overcoming addiction and making healthier life choices. Include the stages of addiction with-in the poster and a 2 facts you research about your addiction.