W2 I can identify personal body changes

The student will apply coping strategies when experiencing different rates of physical, emotional, sexual and social development; e.g., positive self-talk.

Warm Up

Individually, define the word Maturity

In your group, discuss what it is like to develop at different rates. What problems would you see for grade 6 & 7 students and they are growing and developing at different rates?

Reflect on the challenges you are facing related to growing up. For example, you might feel that friends are more or less mature, or you might feel self-conscious about your rate of growth. How did you cope with these challenges? If you experienced negative feelings or consequences because of these challenges, are there strategies you can apply to improve your sense of self-worth? If you feel quite positive about yourself, what are you doing to accomplish this?

Exit Pass: Create a tip sheet for teens offering advice for coping with the challenges of growing up.

Suggest coping strategies and the benefits of those strategies. Make your tip sheet grade 6

friendly and informative.

The student will analyze and develop strategies to reduce the effects of stereotyping on body image; e.g., health risks of altering natural body size/shape to meet media ideal.