Wellness Choices

W1 I make well-informed healthy physical choices :

  • I can use knowledge of a healthy, active lifestyle to promote and encourage family/peer/ community involvement
  • I can analyze how positive health habits can be supported by a variety of approaches to health practices and treatments; e.g., acupuncture

W2 I can identify personal body changes

  • Student can apply coping strategies when experiencing different rates of physical, emotional, sexual and social development; e.g., positive self-talk
  • Student can analyze and develop strategies to reduce the effects of stereotyping on body image; e.g., health risks of altering natural body size/shape to meet media ideal
  • Student can determine “safer” sex practices; e.g., communicate with partner, maintain abstinence, limit partners, access/use condoms/ contraceptives properly
  • Student can identify and describe the responsibilities and resources associated with pregnancy and parenting
  • Student can develop strategies that address factors to prevent or reduce sexual risk; e.g., abstain from drugs and alcohol, date in groups, use assertive behaviour

W3 I can take ownership of my personal choices

  • Student can use personal resiliency skills; e.g., seek out appropriate mentors, have a sense of purpose, have clear standards for personal behaviour

W4 I can cope with change and transition

  • Student can build their resiliency skills

W5 I can use strategies to manage stress

  • Student can analyze, evaluate and refine personal strategies for managing stress/crises

W6 I recognize how to be responsible for safety

  • Student can evaluate implications and consequences of sexual assault on a victim and those associated with that victim
  • Student can develop strategies to promote harm reduction/risk management; e.g. differentiate between choosing personal challenges or acting impulsively, encourage others to evaluate risks
  • Student can analyze and evaluate laws and policies that promote personal, community and workplace safety; e.g. driving, boating, employment standards
  • Student can assess the quality and reliability of health information provided by different sources; e.g. on the Internet